Gratitude for the doctors, hidden happiness

My poor Jennabean is still sick. She just keeps coughing and coughing and nothing I do seems to make it any better. We have been everywhere and seen everyone and the consensus seems to be the same yes, she’s sick, that cough is terrible, aside from that she’s healthy and there’s nothing to worry about. We have tried every medication we can think of and nothing is working, there’s nothing we can do besides wait it out.

Which leaves me feeling helpless and frustrated, and poor Jenna sore, tired, and sick. But, she’s such a good patient. All she can do is lie around and cough and cough. But, she stays so positive and doesn’t complain (at least not like I would).

My happiness moment today comes hidden inside my gratitude for the doctors at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. First of all, I’m so grateful that we are back in Alberta and I don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars to take her to the doctor. We were able to see the regular doctor and a couple of specialists today while we were at the ACH and it was all covered by Alberta Health. That is a huge thing for me to be grateful for.

I’m grateful for the doctors and nurses who looked after her today. There were a few who really went the extra mile to try and make her as comfortable and happy as possible. It makes me happy to have such loving caregivers in our hospital.

I’m also grateful that even though she’s really uncomfortable and feeling crappy, that she’s not sick – like ill. She will somehow get rid of this cough and then she will go back to being my happy little Monkey. They were very thorough in making sure that there was nothing else more serious wrong with her. We just have to figure out how to kick this cough’s butt.

Any prayers, positive light, good vibes, or happy thoughts for my little bean are appreciated. She’s got a lot of love around her and I have faith that soon she will be back to her regular self.


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