Wrestling Santa

Today was a fun-busy day chasing around doing our activities. It was the city finals for Jacob’s wrestling and even though he wanted to spend the morning sleeping in he went and did his thing. He’s gotten so much stronger than he was last year it’s amazing. He came in second in his division, nice to get a reward for all his hard work and training. 

This evening the Santa Parade went through Cochrane. While it was only -8 or so it still was a lot colder than the ones we have enjoyed in Virginia the last few years. Still, it was nice to be a part of the Christmas celebration in our town where we feel rooted. 

 Waiting, waiting, waiting. It felt like it took forever (really we waited 15 minutes and the parade started exactly on time).   
Yay!!! It’s started. 

And finally…. The man himself!!

Double happiness moment day today. Getting to go cheer on Jacob and see him become so much more confident in a sport he loves, and enjoying the parade with Jenna this evening. 

Now for some Home Alone with the girl before bed. Life is good! 


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