Hanging curtains

Today’s happiness moment is kind of a weird one. It was a moment that was filled with laughter, yelling, frustration, a sense of accomplishment, and a little bit of chaos.

It’s supposed to snow tonight, and I think also get colder again (I’ve stopped looking at the weather, it’s depressing). We have been so lucky that it hasn’t been super cold for most of the winter. There are a lot of drafts in our old house and I’m slowly trying to figure out how to stop any more of the cold outside air from coming in than is absolutely necessary (barring buying new windows and doors which I know would help immensely). We have been trying to get a little creative.

I found some pretty good weather blocking curtains at Walmart (of all places!) and have slowly been purchasing and hanging them up over the windows. We decided to get a couple of longer ones and hang them over the doors to outside to attempt to stop the cold air from leaking in.

I am not a handy person. Home repairs, fixing things, putting things together – none of that is in my wheelhouse. I once spent an entire night with a friend building a bookcase from Ikea and that was the end of my do it yourself home repairs. But, we are learning in this house how to fix things. This old house and I have a lot in common and I love it dearly.

My happiness moment was putting up the curtains over the door this evening with the help of the kids. It wasn’t a particularly enjoyable experience some of the time, but we managed to get them hung. We had the power drill going, measured the height, and figured out how to fix things when everything went sideways. The three of us putting our brains and brawn together to finish the job left us all smiling and feeling like we all had more ability than we realized.


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