Play fetch with me

Ella the Cat definitely lives life on her own rules. She has a strict close but no touching law that she forces us to abide by. That means we are allowed to be close to her, but we can’t touch her unless she deems it to be acceptable. 

Today she decided it was a day to play fetch. She has many little stuffed mice, but her favourite is a little torn up purple one. Everywhere I went today she followed and dropped the mouse beside me, then looked up with her big eyes, ready to play. She truly plays fetch and runs after the mouse and then brings it back and drops it by me. 

I did 90 minutes of yoga today (yummy) and every time I turned there was that little mouse. Ella climbed all over me meowing as she went play with me!

I did house work and course work and that mouse showed up everywhere I went. 

I am so grateful we attracted her into our lives. She was exactly who we needed (she won’t admit it, but she feels the same).  


 Playing with her is very therapeutic, I have to just drop everything and enjoy her having fun. It made for my happiness moment today.  



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