Baby steps 

Today was an absolutely glorious spring day. I grabbed the dog and went for a sun worshiping walk along the road. It felt so amazing to have the warm sunbeams giving warmth and love to my soul. I met my cousin on the road and we had a whole conversation about how glorious the sun felt on our skin today. No wind made a world of difference. 

So nourishing. 

At the beginning of my walk I passed a newborn calf. (S)he is the one lying down beside her mom. I didn’t want to stay for too long and upset her, but it was such a glorious sight that I had to stop for a little while.  


On my way back I was lucky enough to see the calf get up for her (his?) first wobbly steps. New life. It was so amazing and exciting   It most certainly was my happiness moment of the day. 



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