Family ties

This afternoon my cousin helped me out and brought my kids home from school. I’m lucky because this cousin – M – her kids go to the same school as mine. Which made being the new kids (and the new mom) so much less scary because there were familiar faces this time. 

I returned home from my meeting to see her kids and my kids and her sister’s kids all playing outside. What a wonderful sight! 

M and I are only 4 months apart and spent most of our childhood running that same yard – having adventures, getting into trouble, climbing trees… You name it. 

When I moved away my kids were 4 years and 5 months old. Her kids weren’t born yet. So they haven’t grown up knowing us adults or each other. I feel so blessed that I am now getting the opportunity to get to know her family better and on an everyday basis (instead of as a visitor). 

Happiness moment for the day was watching those kids run up and down the field laughing and screaming while we stood out there and visited. 

Family ties. 


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