Jacob came home and said if we still lived in Roanoke I would be in school  until 3:30. Instead now I finish at 2:30 and I get two recesses every day!!

And I think that he’s right on by being excited. He used to get dropped off and go into school and not come outside again until the day was over. Now they have a morning recess and then one again at lunch time. You’re never too old for recess. 

I get stories every day now about what he’s doing at school and most of those stories happen at recess. It makes him bright and alive (full of ojas) when he’s talking about being outside with his friends. 

PLUS he gets to go to school camp this year! 

Happiness moment is the joy of hearing about the fun the kids have at recess. We should all take a recess every day and go outside and play for a half hour. 

I spend my recess on my walk or standing at the corral talking to the horses 



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