…and then this happened. 

Jenna finally wore me down. The end of May/beginning of June, Abu and Aladdin moved into Pet Valu and were waiting to be adopted. Jenna dragged me in there at least twice a week to play with them. She asked me every time to please apply to adopt them. I said no every time. 

After 2.5 months of this Jenna was going to the SPCA camp and I figured for sure she’d fall in love with every animal there and I wouldn’t have to worry. Nope. We would leave camp and go visit Abu and Aladdin. 

After almost 3 months they were still sitting in their cage waiting for a home. I think the problem was they needed to be adopted together and no one was taking two cats. 

Friday the weather changed here (did I mention it snowed here yesterday?) And Ella caught her first fall mouse – she left it proudly displayed in the kitchen. I figured she needed some extra help. And. Well….

Alladin on top, Abu on bottom. Alladin has an extra toe on each foot. Passed out elephant in the corner.  
I am officially the crazy cat lady. Ella is mad as can be, the kids are happy, the dog is in denial. 

A family happiness moment. Today we played with them and tried to make them comfortable in their new home. A heart expanding with love moment. 

As an aside, they are 1. If they live until 16-18 (which is pretty normal for my cats), I will be in my 60s and still have these cuties. 

Crazy, happy cat lady. 


2 thoughts on “…and then this happened. 

  1. Susanne says:

    Yay! I’m so happy to hear these two lovely beauties found such a loving home😃 I visited them at Pet Valu hoping they’d find the love they deserved. Such a happy ending. All the best to you and your beautiful kitties.

    • Thank you! They’re adjusting to life at their new home and are being given lots of love and hugs. They’re such sweethearts. We feel so lucky to have them. 🙂

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