The Lion King

Today’s happiness moment was being treated by my mom to the Lion King. 

My favourite line 


When Jacob was a small child he lived and breathed the Lion King the way the little ones now do with Frozen. Hours were spent with him playing on the side of the couch with Scar and Moufassa (help me brother). 

I love those memories of little Jacob. He was such an awesome child (he’s a pretty sweet young adult too. No complaints there). It was pretty special to share that moment with my kids and my mom. Happiness. 

When we got home, Jenna went upstairs and started yelling for me. Today was the first day we had let Abu and Aladdin roam freely and I was afraid Ella had snapped and hurt one of them when we were away. But no….. my mom’s black and white cat Flower had climbed up into the roof of our mud room and was sitting on the outside of the second story window staring at Ella. Ella lost her mind. Too many black and white cats.  They’re everywhere. She ran full tilt at the window screaming and yowling. Flower casually hopped down onto the roof and somehow made it back to ground safely. Ella is still swearing and muttering too many black and white ones. I’m a fancy tail. Don’t they know I’m a fancy tail? I don’t hang with these plain tails…. Ah Ella. We love you. Abu and Aladdin are happily curled up on Jenna’s bed oblivious to all the commotion. Happy house. 


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