Our hometown

When we moved back home last spring I made a very conscious decision that I wanted Cochrane to be our hometown. That’s part of the reason why I arranged for the kids to go to school there, and it’s why we do as much of our shopping and visiting in town as possible.

I have always loved Cochrane, many of my early childhood memories are of events in and around town. I was part of the Cochrane Pony Club for many years, my parents (conveniently) had their law office next door to Mackays for a while, my Grandma lived at the Big Hill Lodge after living out in the country full time became too difficult. I remember parades and rodeos, but mostly I know it’s a place where I can go and always see someone I know.  After years of living away, being where I know people is a big deal. In fact, when we came back I told the kids that every time we went into town we would see some relative. At first they didn’t believe me, but soon they saw that I was in fact telling the truth. I hope it reminds them to behave when they’re out and about without me.

Since coming back, I have joined several Cochrane community groups on Facebook. Something I have noticed over the past couple of days is the fact that many people are raving about random acts of kindness happening in our town. People are leaving Christmas goodies at the doorsteps of those who have beautiful lights on their house as a way to say thank you for sharing the beauty. People are buying each other coffee at Tim Horton’s. One lady bought a tree from Save On and found a pay it forward gift card attached to her tree. There are families who are organizing full Christmas celebrations (gifts and food) to be provided for other families who are having a difficult year.  I love that not only are these beautiful, heartfelt, loving acts being performed, but that people are taking the time to publicly give thanks and acknowledge these wonderful deeds.

How great would the world be if we were all like this all the time? This loving kindness being showered around my hometown is my happiness moment for the day.

photo snagged from tripadvisor.ca 

Cochrane Ranche Park: Men of Vision statue


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