Shopping with heart-felt happiness

Jenna and I had to go out and get some last minute things. The first stop I made was at a store owned by a dear old friend of mine (not old as in age – since she’s younger than I am…. but I have known her since I was about 8). I not only got a nice visit with her, but as a bonus I got to chat with her mother whom I haven’t seen in probably 20 years.

When we were getting ready to leave I said ugh, this was the fun part of the shopping, next we have to go to Save On, then into Calgary to Bon Ton (the meat store), and ChaptersIt’s going to be so crazy busy I’m not in a rush to have to do that at all. She reminded me to take deep, healing, loving breaths and go in with heart felt happiness. She assured me that it would make for a much more pleasurable shopping experience.

Going in with that advice in mind, we headed off to Save On. Even though it was busy, people seemed pretty happy. I ran into my uncle and we got to have a little pre-Christmas chat which was a nice bonus. We scored a line with only one other person in it and were back in our car way before I had figured we would be.

I dropped Jenna at her grandma’s and headed to Bon Ton which I knew would be insane. Sure enough the line was to the door, but having no other option (since they had our turkey), I took my place and waited. Within 5 minutes I was being served by a very cheerful lady who happily rang in my purchase and ran around the counter to hand me the heavy bird.

Hmmmm maybe there’s something to this heart felt shopping…

Last stop was Chapters which I was sure was going to be a gong show. The store was packed, but I managed to score a parking spot right at the front! When I went in there was a clerk standing right beside the area where I needed assistance and then he took me over to a different till and I paid without having to wait in the huge, long line at the regular till.

Amazing how when you go into something with an open and loving heart that is so often what you are met with. There I was on one of the busiest days of the year for shopping, and I consistently had fantastic experiences. My happiness moment today.


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