Goodbye 2015

It certainly has been quite the year. I think I’ve learned more about myself this year than all the others combined. I’ve certainly grown more as a person. 

I’m so thankful that this year brought us back home and back into the fold of the family. Losing Dad left a big hole in my heart but it’s being filled with new laughter and love. 

My happiness moment is still ongoing. First our annual family sushi pig out and then a new treat – fireworks in the yard. I discovered an awesome place that sells them (who knew we could get fireworks here?) They were way beyond my expectations. 

It was kind like the year. Loud, confusing, amazing, a whole jumble of emotions.    
Now we are off to the community hall to celebrate the new year with some of the community. 

Happy new year. May 2016 bring you happiness and love 


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