Sushi Saturday 

We managed to have a much needed quiet  family day today. This has been a really weird week filled with a lot of emotion and at the end of it – I’m tired. 

This week I stood in the middle of the storm while my only fear that did not happen in the process of leaving my marriage played out for someone else in my tribe. It allowed me to sort through buried emotions I didn’t know I had and made me realize that I was strong enough to ride out that storm with someone else. I am thankful I was there for her, but I’m also thankful for the healing gifts it gave me. 

My moment of happiness was gathering around the table with my monsters this evening for a massive sushi pig out. It was nice to settle back into regular family routine again. I’m so happy my boy is back. Jenna finished the meal by saying I knew we should have worn stretchy pants. Wise words. 


Sushi thoughts 

I spent the evening with my boy. When I am lucky enough to get quality one on one time like this I remember what a smart and funny person he is. I love getting to hear what is going on in his head. 

He’s so mature and has the ability to put himself in other people’s hearts to better understand how they are feeling. I feel so blessed to have this loving soul in my life. 

Scarfing down sushi tonight with him was the happiness  moment for the day. 


Goodbye 2015

It certainly has been quite the year. I think I’ve learned more about myself this year than all the others combined. I’ve certainly grown more as a person. 

I’m so thankful that this year brought us back home and back into the fold of the family. Losing Dad left a big hole in my heart but it’s being filled with new laughter and love. 

My happiness moment is still ongoing. First our annual family sushi pig out and then a new treat – fireworks in the yard. I discovered an awesome place that sells them (who knew we could get fireworks here?) They were way beyond my expectations. 

It was kind like the year. Loud, confusing, amazing, a whole jumble of emotions.    
Now we are off to the community hall to celebrate the new year with some of the community. 

Happy new year. May 2016 bring you happiness and love 


Sushi party 

15 years ago when I was pregnant with Jacob we joined a birth and babies class through the hospital. For the first year after the babies were born most of us got together weekly for a baby group, we did baby swimming lessons together, and we had a massive baby’s first birthday party. 

All these years later there are two families that we have reconnected with. Tonight we got together for a make your own sushi party   

All the prep work was done by our gracious hosts before we arrived and all we had to do was sit, roll, laugh, and eat. It was a fantastic way to have a dinner party. 

We laughed and ate and laughed and ate and when we were too full to eat, we played Apples to Apples and laughed and played and laughed some more. 

There were tears shed, both from accidential wasabi overdoses and from laughter. 

What a great happiness moment. It is such a blessing to have friends back in our lives and to have people to laugh with.    


Sushi smiles 



Today’s happiness moment was a sneak away date for sushi with my girl. She’s always guaranteed to bring a smile and a warm happiness feeling to my heart. Blessed am I to have two warm loving souls in my life in the form of my kids. 

Jacob preformed a loving act of kindness this evening in helping care for my dad while he slept. 

Their unconditional love – the real and true kind with no boundaries is an inspiration to me to be a better person and to love more fully.