Sushi Saturday 

We managed to have a much needed quiet  family day today. This has been a really weird week filled with a lot of emotion and at the end of it – I’m tired. 

This week I stood in the middle of the storm while my only fear that did not happen in the process of leaving my marriage played out for someone else in my tribe. It allowed me to sort through buried emotions I didn’t know I had and made me realize that I was strong enough to ride out that storm with someone else. I am thankful I was there for her, but I’m also thankful for the healing gifts it gave me. 

My moment of happiness was gathering around the table with my monsters this evening for a massive sushi pig out. It was nice to settle back into regular family routine again. I’m so happy my boy is back. Jenna finished the meal by saying I knew we should have worn stretchy pants. Wise words. 


Nature drive 

This afternoon Jenna and I headed over to my cousin’s house. On our drive back home we looked across the field and saw deer grazing in the pasture. When we looked back to the road,  we saw a great horned owl   He was giant, sitting there on the post having something for dinner. Of course by the time I stopped the car and opened my camera app on the phone he was gone, but he looked like this:

An amazing creature. 


Happiness moment, driving around home and being so intimately connected to nature. It’s good for my soul.