The benefits of country internet 

One thing we had to get used to when we moved back home was the crappy internet service that is the only option we have here. We know we should consider ourselves lucky, when we arrived the only option was 50 gb per month (and it was pretty unreliable at that). They changed things and we now get a whopping 250gb for a little more than half the price (still more than you pay in the city) what a deal <sarcasm>. I have no idea how many gigabytes we used before, but I’m guessing a few thousand. I streamed everything. 

So every month we go at least 140% over our limit. They don’t shut us down, just slow us down – like that’s even possible, it’s already so slow. However, now that we are on our last couple of days of the month it’s pretty much impossible to use. 

The benefit of essentially having no internet a few days a month? We all unplug a little bit more. We play board games – even terrible ones like Candyland, we draw, we visit, we watch The Golden Girls together. That makes for some very special family time, and one awesome happiness moment. 


Big Bang monopoly 

We finally pulled out the game I was given at Christmas this evening and had a family game night at my Mom’s house. It was a great happiness moment to sit around the kitchen table and laugh and enjoy each other’s company. 

I feel so blessed that we are close enough to walk back and forth for visits and fun. 

As a bonus happiness moment, as of 8pm when we took a break for the night from Monopoly, I am not bankrupt and I’ve only been in jail once!  


Sushi party 

15 years ago when I was pregnant with Jacob we joined a birth and babies class through the hospital. For the first year after the babies were born most of us got together weekly for a baby group, we did baby swimming lessons together, and we had a massive baby’s first birthday party. 

All these years later there are two families that we have reconnected with. Tonight we got together for a make your own sushi party   

All the prep work was done by our gracious hosts before we arrived and all we had to do was sit, roll, laugh, and eat. It was a fantastic way to have a dinner party. 

We laughed and ate and laughed and ate and when we were too full to eat, we played Apples to Apples and laughed and played and laughed some more. 

There were tears shed, both from accidential wasabi overdoses and from laughter. 

What a great happiness moment. It is such a blessing to have friends back in our lives and to have people to laugh with.