The last swan

It was a beautiful 22C here today. Spring has officially sprung in Alberta. I love it!!

The kids have been outside playing all afternoon, the calves are arriving in the fields, Dottie and I are back out for long walks, and the swans are leaving. Our slough was completely empty today. 

I’ll miss them, but it’s been beautiful having them here. 

People were much happier today when I was   in town earlier. Nothing like a little dose of sunshine to make everything seem better. 

I feel like I’ve had a huge dose of love and support sent my way over these last few days (and by many over the last few months). That had made a huge difference in helping me look on the sunny side of things. I have an awesome tribe. Thanks to all of you. 

My happiness moment was walking along the road with the dotted dog. It is stunning here. I love where I live. 



2 thoughts on “The last swan

  1. Yep, it really was a beautiful day. We have been spoiled with the winter we had. And hopefully spring will continue to spoil us.
    I am glad you have wonderful people around you.

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