Cousin chats

Today was a day filled with unexpected cousin chats. It’s a happiness moment because I love the fact that I have so many cousins, and even the ones I don’t get to see very often I feel I have a tight bond with.

I had a barnyard chat with one at home, a skype chat with one in Scotland, a Canadian Tire chat with one in town, a phone chat with one in Winners, and then a text string with some others.

It’s a big deal because I’ve been feeling kind of overwhelmed lately. It’s good to remember that there’s this tribe of people around. We all have our crap that we are dealing with, but we are also all there for each other, there’s a lot of joy to be shared. When I’m feeling low it helps to remember how isolated we were even just a couple of years ago, and how much better it is now.

Happiness, blessings, joy, peace. I love it.


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