A doughnut or a stick 

Today I decided to try and teach Drishti how to not be a stick. He has no bend at all and riding him sometimes feels like I’m riding a stick horse. 

I found a great spot with no gopher holes and we started doing circles so I could teach him to bend. He was not a fan. I said “Drishti it’s just that I don’t want you to be like riding a stick”. So he stuck his head between his legs as he trotted along as if to say “ok now I’m a doughnut”. It was an implied reminder that he also could do a handstand as an option. He didn’t, thank goodness. 

Being out in the field with Drishti lets me sort through that and hand it to God. He is my SUV – spiritual utility vessel. What I   get with him is so much more than happiness. 



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