Being vulnerable

My intuition spoke up after mom died and said that he would know I am vulnerable and to expect him to make a move. Even so, I have to say I was a little disappointed when it came today, I guess I aways have a little hope.

I spent a few hours attempting to deal with the chaos created, and then made myself take a step back. I was doing exactly what I had been trained to do: make fear based decisions. I’m tired of living that way, I’ve been making a real concentrated effort to make love based decisions. But, I’m human and it’s hard when the land mines have been planted years ago. I just never know when they’re going to go off.

I realized that much as I’m vulnerable to his fear-making, and to my own pain, my heart has also cracked open a bit wider with love. In the last 2.5 years I’ve watched both my parents die, and it has changed me. It has really made me appreciate the strength and importance of love. For both of them at the end,  all they wanted were their loved ones around them. That’s the life I have been working on creating now – I just want to spend time with my loved ones. Everything else is noise.

So we grabbed popcorn and watched a movie – together – family fun time.


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