A Hospital Friend and a Family Friend (FGK-27)

I have never, ever heard my mom referred to as either Mag or Maggie. Only rarely did I hear people call her Margaret, and it was usually people who didn’t know her well. This first letter seems to be from a friend mom made while she was in the hospital. The second must be a family friend- I’m not sure who (anyone?) there was no last name on the card.

Theres was a very brief time in my childhood when Dad decided it would be a good thing for me to take Cod Liver Oil. All I remember is hiding at under the kitchen table as far away from him as I could get and crying because I didn’t want to take it. I can still taste the disgusting memory of it in the back of my throat.

Markerville, Alberta

Sept 16/54

Gug a dud

Dear Mag

Well here I am at last. I thought it as time to drop you old bags a line. Gosh do I ever miss you. Honestly. I wished I could have shown you the lovely cushion Miss Reid gave me. I’ll draw a picture of it.

Her drawing
So many of mom’s letters have been sealed with a kiss so to speak. This one has the kisses on the back of the letter, but lots of envelopes are covered in big red kiss marks.

Here is all the colours of the rainbow on the ribbon, there’s three rows of white ribbon.

She called me into her office and gave it to me.

Do you know something? I have to take cod liver oil.

Well here it is another nite, Sept. 17. I’m listening to the fight. I’ve got $2.00 bet that Rocky will win.

It has looked like it was going to snow all day. Sure hope it doesn’t.

Bay Calgary sure did well on Monday nite. I guess Miss Olsen will be back on Monday. I sent for a grey wool dress. Kind of cute.

How’s school? I find many things different form the hospital. I keep thinking about what you guys are doing. How is fish eyes?

We are going to have roasted duck tomorrow nite. I wish you could be here.

Well Maggie, I guess I will sign off for now. Say hi to everyone for me. Tell Olsen I’ll be written to her.

Good Night sweetheart, it’s time to go

Love Helen

Ps How’s ______’s back?

Say hi to your family from me.

974 Alfred Ave


April 8/54

Dear Margie

Well here I am again, I am driving days now so am able to sit down tonight and drop you a line.

I received a letter from your mom and dad, sure pleased to hear from them. Our weather is sure staying cold, it’s been below zero the last few days. there was quite a blizzard last night.

I saw Len yesterday, he pulled up beside me while we were driving down the street, and said he was on the way home, he had been to Kenora Ontario.

How is your leg, the one you had fractured? Sure hope it’s ok again, and that you are able to finish with your Physio. do you still have water therapy? I guess it keeps you busy with school work, and all your exercises and Physio.

Ken is in Calgary now, he would like to come in and visit you, but I was telling him that he would not be able to get in. He will try and see Marshall while he is there. He plans to come home at Easter, he gets 5 days leave them. He has a car which he intends to take back to Calgary with him.

Say hello to all for me.

Bye for now

As ever, Stan


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