Written on Birch Bark (FGK-39)

This is by far the coolest letter I have discovered so far. Not in content, but because of the “paper” on which it was written. It is indeed birch bark. He must have peeled some off a tree and used it. I can’t believe that 68 years later this bark is still intact. What a treasure. This letter is from mom’s cousin Lawrence.

For some interesting family trivia, the coasters that are holding the birch bark flat were created by Lawrence’s talented great nephew Yarrow and gifted to me at Christmas time because I bought one of his amazing wooden cutting boards for my boy.

Box 58

Cochrane, Alberta

July 16, 1953

Dear Margie

Queerly shaped paper I’ve got here isn’t it? I guess you know it’s birch bark. It’s not bad stuff to write on.

I just got your letter today. Gosh I wish I could have seen you the day of the parade! I’m sure glad that you had so much fun.

There was a man out from William Goett Co. Ltd the other day who sold us a machine called a rototiller. It is the same idea as the seaman(?) tiller your dad has.

A salesman sold mom a nice sewing machine yesterday. She was very happy.

We are going to Banff now so I have to go.



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