Mom Standing, School Dances, Neighbourhood News (FGK-38)

Stressing about school seems to be something that is timeless. My poor girl seems to spend as much time stressing about school as she does in school, and I know I was the same (am the same still since I’m back in school now). I’m guessing the trip Edith is taking is the one for the Stampede Queen that was written about a while ago. These school dances and parties sound like they were really something!! Nothing boring at all about a small, one room schoolhouse.

Oct 27/53

Dear Margie

It seems like ages since I last wrote. Sheila just phoned, she said you were getting along fine. I was very happy to hear that you had stood up for a few seconds by yourself.

We get our report cards in about a week and am I ever worried. We had the hardest math test, and the worst French test I ever saw. I was lucky I thought to make all my subjects last year, this year’s just out of the question.

My sorority is putting on a party a week this Saturday and we have to ask boys. I haven’t decided who I’ll ask yet but it will probably be Ron Scott.

I am rather looking forward to the Halloween dance that the school kids are putting on. I don’t know most what I want to see; Mr. O’Brien drunk or the kids have a good time and a good crowd.

My Grandmother and Grandfather went down to Rochester on a trip and a medical examination. They plan to be back soon.

Did you hear about Marilyn and Don Edge? I guess they will be married soon.

Hasn’t the weather just been grand, everyone must surely have their crop in by now. It will save quite a lot on feed too.

Kenny just got in from from going to a show with Ken McMilan, they go around a bit together. Tommy is sure growing up, he can talk quite well now. He calls me Toes which sure sounds cute, he makes such an effort.

I guess the Light Horse Association had quite a party last Wednesday. Mom and Dad went and had a good time. It was for members twenty one and over so that left quite a few out.

Edith’s and the rest of the family’s picture was in the paper. I guess she’s going on her trip on the first of November. Lucky girl!

Well I hope you can read the sprawl and make out the words.

Hope you are getting along fine.


Anne M Copithorne


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