Boy Crazy Girls (FGK-43)

It’s good to see that no matter the time or situation, teenage girls are teenage girls. Mom would have been almost 13 when this letter was written. I love the “teenager-ey-ness” of this letter. But under the typical teenage stuff, there sure is a strong underlying theme of some of the challenges these kids faced in the hospital. Thinking of mom 2 years on, still in bed, all of these kids going through operations, wearing packs, being so isolated. No wonder mom didn’t want to talk about these years. But like with so many dark times, this era of mom’s life is sure wrapped in love.

I feel like it was a real blessing I found these letters, and when I say found, I mean that God kind of put them in my path and made me trip over them. I don’t really know why I started posting them, except I thought it was a good way for me to understand mom a bit better, and this was a place to record it all. But I’ve been delighted by how many other people are enjoying reading them, and I love the history gaps that are being filled for me, and the memories that other people are sharing. So thank you all for joining me on this journey! There are lots more to come.

Box no. 235

Eckville, Alta

Aug 18, 1953

Dearest Margie,

Well, how’s my favourite girlfriend today? Just fine I hope. I’m still pickin’. Too bad, how sad!

How are you coming along, really? Can you move your legs any more since I left? You’ve got to get up and out of that bed soon. I couldn’t stand to see you laying down much longer. What you need is me there (as I told Janet with my “good” influence).

I got you guys something from Sylvan Lake. I think I’ll have to send them as if I I go to stay with ____ I won’t see you for a little while longer. At least not as soon as I’d expected.

Mary Anne’s doing alright eh? Gee, I was so worried for a while there! Here’s hoping things turned around for the best and that she will have and a successful operation. I know what it’s like to have unsuccessful operations. It isn’t very nice. One day – I’ll be going through the whole ordeal again. What an awful though eh? Oh well, I’ll have my fun first.

I saw Norman finally! Gee, he was nice. Just like I thought he would be. We were in Red Deer so I went to see him at work. We spent all our morning in a garage getting the car filled up. I went around talking to all the good-looking men. There was one in particular that caught my eye. He had a moustache (just a small one). Real cute.

Now, why on earth did they cut all these weeds down on the lawn- just after I left? All the time I was there I was wishing they would do just that. I miss watching “the boy next door”. I miss that most. I was really getting interested. You know me!!!

How’s all your family? Will you please say “hi” to your mother and dad for me? I miss them (not seeing them anymore).

I got about five mosquito bites on the ankle of my “bad” leg. They were so itchy that I scratched them and now they’re infected and my whole ankle is swollen. That’s what you get for it. Bob always tole me not to scratch my “______” <haha – I googled the closest version to what I could understand this word spelled and I am NOT printing that in here>. He stayed in this house for 2 weeks. Gee he’s a big tease. He just left yesterday. He calls himself the “handsome, intelligent, red-blooded Canadian.” What a corny character.

Norman’s going on his holidays, so he said he was coming to Eckville , as a matter of fact he should arrive today.

I think I better close before you fall asleep. I’ve put Janet to sleep by being bored already too.

Well, be good! I’ll see you soon. Sure miss you honey

All my love, Lillian (MICKEY)

PS you should see the nice-looking boy that lives a couple of doors down from where I”m staying. Kevin Mullen. He sure is cute.

By the way, has any of the boys heard from George? I sure miss him.

How’s Louis? Is he walking legally, yet?

Also how’s Calvin? I hear he had his operation just recently. Here’s hoping they’re all fine.

I’ll be sending you a picture of me soon. That one you sent from the negative Diane gave me.

Love from “Mickey”

PPS has the pastel badge arrived yet?

So Betty Brown has a diamond eh? Gee I’m glad for her.

Will be in Calgary by Monday

Love, Lil


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