A History in Photos 14 (FGK 171)

Today’s photos include Aunt Annie (Grandpa’s sister), and Aunt Ruth (Grandma’s sister). I only have vague memories of Aunt Annie and don’t really know Clarence David at all -but when I was reading the letters Aunt Annie sent to mom in the hospital I thought over and over that her son was a much loved child. How wonderful to be so loved.

Aunt Annie (Copithorne-Jones)
Clarence Jones
Clarence David Jones. 1 1/2 years. 1953
Aunt Ruth and Uncle Ed
Aileen Copithorne (she is a relative on grandma’s side – the Brown side- but married a Copithorne to either make things more simple or more complicated)
Edna holding Aileen on the fence
Aunt Ruth and Uncle Ed
Sandra and Lloyd Copithorne (Aunt Aileen’s children)

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