A History in Photos 35 (FGK 192)

We’ve got some random photos the next few days- a few of them I have no idea who the people are. So if you recognize anyone let me know!!

Margaret Symes (Rolland). Jim Symes. Circle S Ranch Chilicolten BC
Kathleen Norah Age 1 year. Taken June 8th 1954
Tom and Jerry (hahahah) Barron. Shell Oil Superintendent @ Jumping Pound Gas Plant. April 1965
Don’t know who they are- but don’t you wonder what happened for her to give him the side eye like that?
Christian Lathion Villa Ida 1961 ? And Elyse
Chris Lathion 1961 Switzerland and Alyse
Taken in Olds the day after we were married. Hazel Stringer, Mr Bjork, Mildred Stringer Bjork
I flatly refused to have mine taken in a bathing suit. These are all taken just in front of Chippy’s Camp.

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