Memories of Grandma’s 80th 10 (FGK 11)

Wow this one really made me miss my Dad. I remember as a little kid rolling up in the driveway here with my family and Grandma and Grandpa meeting us with big smiles. Grandma usually had a wonderful feast ready for us – roast beef and all the fixin’s – and we were brought in with love and smiles. Forget Disney, Grandma’s kitchen was the happiest place on earth.

To Mom on your 80th Birthday

How fortunate I am to have you as my mother-in-law! Ever since our first meeting, I felt your warmth and love.

I think of the birthday party you and Margi put on for me in Toronto well before Margi and I were married; birthday cake and all – and with things in the cake (Ben though I had to give them back since they were from a charm bracelet).

When we moved to Calgary you and Dad went to such effort to make me part of the family.

I think about after Melissa was born we would arrive at the ranch in the evening with nearly a truck load of baby stuff; the car would hardly have come to a stop before the two of you would be out the door to greet us and unload. What a great feeling!

I think about all the times sitting around your kitchen table sharing what was going on in our very different lives: ours in law and yours in ranching. How you shared your values with us. How you were so patient with me and my lack of any knowledge and understanding of ranching and its lifestyle. Your understanding of the ranchers and their families taught me to give them legal advice that satisfied their emotional needs as well as the requirements of the law.

I thank you for always being available; to listen about our good times and about our bad; to give advice and give the one thing we need most- LOVE.

I wish for you on your eightieth birthday the best of health and happiness, and especially peace and love. Love John


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