Finding the path of least resistance on a challenging road 

My intention this year is to follow the path of least resistance.  Which is a much easier thing to do when I’m flowing happily down a path of my choosing. Sometimes I find ( after the fact) that I’ve veered off my easy flowing path onto a more challenging road. This last little while seems kind of like that. I had a plan. Seriously…. It didn’t look like where I am now. 

I’ve had many conversations with God the past couple of weeks informing Him of my feelings about this path I’m on. About how perhaps He didn’t notice that I’d spent a great deal of time planning and meditating and preparing to walk down this new, easier path of least resistance. Then He threw a bunch of crap at me that wasn’t part of the deal. 

But here’s what I’ve noticed. More than at any other point in my life, every time I’ve needed something a door has opened and I’ve received a helping hand. It happened with packing up the house, again with this lovely lady we met on the plane, we had an entire house set up by my cousin when we got here, a wonderful school accepted the kids when we were out of district and didn’t have any paperwork organized, it goes on and on. Actually tonight I met a lady in the elevator at the hospital who was pulling a roller bag. I commented what a great idea it was and she said she would go out and buy one for me to have. What an offer of kindness. 

So often I feel like I’m invisible in life, but this past bit has made me realize I’m so not. 

Tonight my dad was talking about how he feels like he’s discovered a prayer bank in be clouds and he’s been drawing strength from this unlimited source of love. I feel the same way   Ask, then turn your intention towards giving and receiving love and that’s what you get. Even when it seems like a wrong turn on the path. I guess that’s how I’m following this new path with the least resistance I can muster. Because somewhere there is a plan. There has to be because I’m so clearly being guided and held by love. 


My happiness moment today came when I looked out the window at this view while making lunch. Jenna was out playing in the barn that my grandpa built. That I spent hours and hours playing in myself when I was her age. Where I used to bring Pirate in and talk to him for hours while I groomed him. It brought me such joy to see her experience that same peace and happiness   


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