Ungratitude Gratitude

I was walking home tonight having an ungrateful inner moment. Actually, what happened was that I came out of my mom’s house and saw one of her flower pots knocked over. I was tired and thought oh I’ll just leave that until tomorrow. Then I heard my Dad’s voice clearly in my head saying you need to go pick that up. Just do it. So I did. Then I looked up at the sky and made a face akin to the ones I made as a teenager. The scrunched up scowl of I hope you’re happy because I’m not. I walked across the cattle guard and looked north to see this: 

So I’m assuming the answer was yes, I am happy. And now you are too. And he was right. The beauty of life makes me happy. 

Bonus happiness moment today. 


3 thoughts on “Ungratitude Gratitude

  1. strongernow says:

    Am reading this again.. after a while… as a child.. i would often feel my late grandmother’s presence when I was going about my day… never disapproving.. but guiding.. its been a while since I felt that presence.. or maybe I just forgot it was there… tonight I was led back to.this post.. and I stepped out to look at the night sky… I felt her smiling at me again today.. thank you.. its been a while since i felt this connected to her.

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