Old friends 

A huge bonus to coming home for good has been being able to meet up with old friends. For the past 10 years, trips home have involved rushed and intense visits with family that have left no time for friends. Now I get to reconnect with some of these people whom I have not seen in ages. Lifetimes as far as my kids are concerned. 

Today I had a visit with a high school friend. We haven’t seen each other since maybe 1990 (ugh. Too long ago) when we were in university. Over the years we have made attempts, but with us being so far away or us being busy it just never happened. 

How wonderful to sit down with someone I haven’t seen in 25 years and be able to just pick up with each other’s lives. Now, Facebook has helped with that as we kind of knew what the other was doing – but the friendship foundation from school was what tied us together. 

Fun too for my kids to see me interact with old friends. For their lifetimes they have only seen me struggling to make friends in new places. I love that they get to see what life long friendships look like as well. 

Happiness moment. 


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