Being home. 

It has been a long ten year journey that brought us finally back home. I am grateful every day we are back here (sometimes fall down kiss the ground grateful), but we did get to see areas I had  only read about, or never even knew existed, in our travels. 

The last four years were spent in Roanoke, VA. While it never truly became home (we knew we were leaving after about two years and when I know I’m leaving I find it hard to put down roots), it was still a significant part of our lives. When we moved there, Jenna was only 6 and in kindergarten – still a little kid – Jacob was in grade 5. They grew up there in many ways. 

One of my favorite things about Roanoke was also one of the things that made it difficult to live there. People had deep roots. Most of the people we met had lived there their whole lives, their family was close by, they had childhood friends. All things that are wonderful, but things that make it difficult to be an introverted newcomer. Even more than that though, watching these settled people who belonged and had family made me so much more homesick. Because, at home we also have deep roots and lots of family and friendships that have lasted for generations. 

I felt sick this morning when I read about the lives that were taken there this morning. WDBJ7 was “my” news channel and I send love and prayers to everyone involved in the tragedy. There are many things that will be said about gun control among other things, and while I have my own opinions about that – I’m going to just offer up a moment of love and peace for that beautiful area we called home

My happiness moment today made me think of the deep roots so many have in Roanoke and that I have here. We had tea with my godmother, her daughter, and an old family friend. Back in the day in Cochrane, our families had the ice cream store, the lawyer’s office and the doctor’s  office – and they were all side by side on the Main Street. 

There were lovely old memories shared about past times. Friendships rekindled and strengthened. It is so good to be home. 


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