Head in the clouds

I love it when a happiness moment happens first thing in the morning. Starting the day with smiles and laugher is a better boost than any cup of coffee ever could be. 

We were driving down into the hay valley on our way to school when we noticed that there was a cloud lying in the middle of the field. 

We all got excited, as every time we drive through a cloud we reach our arms out and try to grab it. We had low lying clouds that would rest on our mountain in Roanoke so it’s a past happiness memory. 

The three of us unrolled our windows and held our hands out touching the cloud while we laughed at how silly we were. After we stuck our hands back inside we all tried to find bare skin on someone else to show them how incredibly cold our hands were. Which brought more laughter. 


I love these drives back and forth from school. Many happiness moments happen while we cruise this beautiful country. It’s good to be home. 


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