A healthy dose of gratitude. 

Poor little Jenna has been so sick for almost four weeks. This constant cough has been the bane of her existence. We have been to the doctor many times and the children’s hospital twice trying to get her some relief. None of my home or Ayurvedic remedies have made much difference. Frustrating, especially when the respiratory specialist said to expect her cough to last a few months. Good thing we don’t give up easily, nor do we accept someone else’s word as our reality.

Yesterday I wrote about how we had had caring people in the community who were  offering their home remedies to us when they heard Jenna coughing. Last night we tried the solution offered to us by Guy, the guy from Guy’s Cafe. It involved a hot tub and a cold drink of water.

She went to sleep, woke up, coughed all morning, went to school and coughed all day there, got in the car coughing, and then…. After about a half hour she stopped coughing. Just STOPPED.  No more cough. A miracle. My happiness moment. It’s been so difficult watching her be so sick and uncomfortable. I am so grateful that my happy, spunky Jenna is back.

As a bonus happiness moment the kids decorated gingerbread houses today.

I love how into it they get. There is a special magic about Christmas.


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