Walk your talk 

On the way through town tonight the kids and I saw a bumper sticker that said the best sermons are lived not preached. 

Those words really hit home today as most of it was spent thinking about integrity and living my faith by my actions not my words. I dispise when people preach at me how I should live,  but their own actions say something completely different. I spent a lot of years living with the ache in my gut and in my heart that comes from that kind of imbalance. I’m certainly not there yet, but I strive to have my actions and my beliefs be one and the same. Fortunately I am now surrounding myself with people who help guide me to this instead of tear me apart from it. 

My happiness moment was a peaceful evening at a dear friend’s home with my monsters. There’s a lot of joy found in a comfortable moment. 

As a bonus we had a beautiful sunset to watch on the way home. In case I haven’t mentioned it – I love where I live. 


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