Canada Day 2016

I love celebrating  Canada’s birthday and this is the third one in a row we have been home for. That also made it the third year in a row we went to the Canada Day parade in Canmore, which means it is officially a tradition now. 

The highway was insane, but totally worth it once we got there. My sister kindly saved us seats and we had the best spot we’ve thus far – although  it did make us prime targets for the water guns being sprayed on the route  (fortunately it was super hot and they were most welcome). 

How very Canadian 

After the parade we went to the creek and relaxed and enjoyed some family time. This is without a doubt my favorite thing to do. It nourishes my soul to be at that spot. It was the perfect way to finish celebrating the birthday of the country I love so much. 

A day filled with happiness moments. We are blessed. 


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