Mountains returned

The smoke was almost gone this morning and for the first time in want feels like ages we could see the mountains today.

We did a mountain escape after supper and walked around Canmore. It’s always been a place that resets our souls and brings us peace.

As a bonus today I got the best picture of the boy enjoying his stroll around town.

Quality time with the kids. It’s stuff money can’t buy. I love this life.


Bear in the mountains

We took Bear up to the mountains today. I’ve waited for years to have a dog I can take places – this guy is so chill and happy it’s awesome.

It was a perfect sunny afternoon. As we were walking I realized this was the happiest I’ve been for a long time. For a couple of hours there was no stress, everyone was getting along, and we had the happiest dog in the world. This is what I’m working towards as our normal state of being.

Bear scared of a bear statue.


Hippie chicks in the mountains 

Today I was treated to a morning in Canmore with a dear friend. We had business to do, but afterwards we had enough time to walk the streets and have lunch. How lucky am I to get to be in the mountains two days in a row? 

It was beautiful and clear and the only issue we had was being stuck in traffic 

Yep, we got stuck behind a zamboni while driving through town. If that doesn’t scream I’m in Canada, I don’t know what does. 

I treasure this friendship with this dear soul whose crazy lines up with my crazy. We have a lot of fun together, but we get each other on a really deep level and that’s pretty rare. It brings me happiness and gratitude. 


Sweet Sunday 

I took the girl and her friend up to Canmore today so they could go for a swim. I love being surrounded by the mountains and to me it’s a no brainer when they ask to go to the pool – Calgary or Canmore – the mountains will always win. 

I love that she’s building strong girl friendships, and that she’s very mindfully choosing her friends. There is a lot of thought that goes into the girls she builds her bonds with – and she makes really good choices. That is happiness. Building that tribe of women that walk you through life is huge. 

The girls earned money babysitting yesterday and couldn’t wait to spend some of it at the candy shop. It’s kind of a ritual. 


The candy shoppe 

Today Jenna requested a trip to the mountains. It’s the first time since the concussion that she has really wanted to do anything so I was all over making that happen. 

We drove out the 1A which is longer but more scenic (and has the gas station that sells the fireworks we need for New Years) to Canmore and then carried on to Banff. Of course I forgot about the fire at the Mount Royal and the candy shoppe there was closed. We drove around soaking up the atmosphere, but the town was packed so we headed to Canmore. 

Canmore also has a great candy shoppe and the town is less crowded. Jenna was happy and seemed more like her old self again – it’s been a long time waiting for that to happen. 

My happiness moment was seeing her be happy and joyful. I feel so blessed that I have this time to share with these two gifts from God. 


Pizza in the mountains 

We took a forced family fun trip to Canmore today – my mom, my girl, my sister and her kids. It was beautiful here today. The car said 21C which was almost nicer than most days during our summer of rain. 

I love that  we are so close to the mountains – I need those mountain hugs on a regular basis. It was a fantastic happiness moment sharing supper with the family in a place that we all love. 


Water bottle toss

Today was the epitome of Sunday Funday. Surprising since I went into the day with very little expectations of having any fun. 

I remain impressed how a change in my energy focus has completely changed my interactions with my people. I have had so much fun with my tribe this weekend. It makes me realize how important it is to focus on what is healthy and good for me. 

After a day spent getting mountain hugs in Canmore (and a fun surprise encounter with a cousin there), we had family Sunday supper. Always a favourite for me. And my favourite chef was on BBQ so you know we all left with happy bellies. 

After picking up my boy from a weekend with his aunt and family and driving home listening to his chatter about all the fun he had (a happiness moment) we stopped back at my cousin’s house so he could grab second supper 

When his meal was done the 4 kids started playing a water bottle toss game. You had to spin throw the bottle and have it land standing up on the counter. After a bit the competitive side of me came out and I had to join in. It was crazy, stupid fun – and we laughed and laughed and got overly competitive (a family problem). 

I say it all the time – but I would be lost without my tribe. How blessed am I. A deep, peaceful, happiness moment. 


Girls and chocolate 

We had a full out girls day today. We have an overflow of girl power in the house right now and I love it. There’s something that happens when a tribe of girls spend a lot of time together and we have shifted into that zone. It’s almost turned into a red tent – spiritual bonding experience. 

Two happiness moments today. 

The first was sitting on the couch this morning with my dear friend. We got into a deep discussion about how God has guided and changed our lives. We have both been down some hard roads and seen our fair share of struggles, but agreed that our paths had always been lit and we have always been carried when we needed to be. Then we kind of stopped and looked at each other. I said 25 years ago do you think our bad selves would have ever seen us sitting here curled up together on a couch talking about God? Because we used to be two bad ass girls with lots of attitude and a way of finding trouble. She said I know. And to top it off we are sitting here drinking tea. But that tea drinking conversation was happiness. 

The second happiness moment happened over dessert. About 10 days ago in a moment of insanity I decided to give up processed sugar for a while. The kids kindly have been pointing out to me that my mood seems to require that  I sweeten myself a bit more (I blame Mother Nature and her night storms that have kept me up for 5 nights now, but whatever). We went out for supper and decided as a 6 girl tribe that we needed two dessert pizzas from the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company  in Canmore. If you haven’t been there – go! That was a wonderful little piece of heaven. In fact, we were enjoying it so ….umm…. ecstatically that we attracted the attention of another table of women who had to know what we were eating so they could feel like that too. It was chocolate heaven. And the more we ate the happier we got. And now I have a belly full of happiness. Life is good. 


Canada Day 2016

I love celebrating  Canada’s birthday and this is the third one in a row we have been home for. That also made it the third year in a row we went to the Canada Day parade in Canmore, which means it is officially a tradition now. 

The highway was insane, but totally worth it once we got there. My sister kindly saved us seats and we had the best spot we’ve thus far – although  it did make us prime targets for the water guns being sprayed on the route  (fortunately it was super hot and they were most welcome). 

How very Canadian 

After the parade we went to the creek and relaxed and enjoyed some family time. This is without a doubt my favorite thing to do. It nourishes my soul to be at that spot. It was the perfect way to finish celebrating the birthday of the country I love so much. 

A day filled with happiness moments. We are blessed.