The ride home from DQ

We went out this evening for a little DQ treat. I am not exactly sure how the kids convinced me it needed to be done, but they did, and there we were. For some reason when we were there all three of us were cranky and out of sorts. How that is even possible while eating a sundae is beyond my understanding, but it happened. 

On the way home there was an explosion of emotion of gargantuan proportion. My poor little family has been through so much over the last couple of years, and it seems sometimes like there’s been no chance to stop and absorb all the changes. 

One good thing about the bond the three of us has is that we are pretty in tune with each other’s emotions. Even when there’s an explosion it does not last long,  and it’s usually a pretty effective way of getting all the emotional crap out and dealt with. 

I’ve discovered on this happiness journey that true happiness is so much more than butterflies and rainbows. It takes many shapes and often comes out of harder times. My happiness moment today was talking through some deep stuff with my little people. They teach me so much about how to be kind and strong. They show me how to love unconditionally and how to keep faith no matter what we face. I am so grateful for those two little souls. 


2 thoughts on “The ride home from DQ

  1. Sending you a virtual HUG! I went for a walk with my son this morning, that’s all I needed to get me through the day, he knows I am sad. I believe our children are in tune with our emotions, they are a part of us. Wishing you happiness, I am sorry for the pain you have endured these past few years.

    • That is so true, they absolutely are in tune with my emotions! Thank you. Things are getting happier every single day / I’m so thankful we are on this side of things!
      I wish you happiness as well

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