At the kids’ table

Tonight we attended a party at the hall for the TV show Context with Lorna Duek – which is a a news program done from a Christian perspective. It surprised me how powerful I found the evening and I’m going to blog about it later – when it’s not 10pm and I know I have to get up for a busy day at the Stampede tomorrow. 

My cousins and I were there to help out with what we could – but we also got to listen and learn a bit about their mission which I found fascinating. We were in the back room of the hall while everyone was getting seated for supper – I wish I could say we were working but really we were eating copious amounts of garlic cheese dip and laughing – and we realized that we were going to have to split up to eat. 

My brilliant cousin said I think we need a kids’ table. Let’s set up a kids’ table for us to sit at. This remains our delight at family functions when us kids – all now in our 40s and 50s – can sit at the kids’ table and laugh and be silly just like we have done  since we really were kids. It was kind of a shocker when the actual children thought they also should sit at the kids’ table but we adjusted….

My happiness moment – knowing that we will never be too old to need to be at our own kids’ table. 


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