Fire food

I found myself in kind of a funky mood this afternoon. I’m not totally sure why, but I was. We had planned on going to the creek for part of the afternoon and to have supper (it was maybe the best meal of the summer – I love food cooked over the fire). I am so grateful that’s what we did because it totally changed my outlook. I went from being out of sorts to laughing and really enjoying myself. Of course the fact that he brought me chocolate significantly helped with the mood shift. It was less the food and more the thoughtfulness behind it that was the reason for the attitude adjustment. 

There is a certain peace I find at the creek that I don’t find many other places. It seems to only take me a few minutes and I am completely relaxed. I’m so grateful to have a place like that and to have my tribe. Happiness. Pure happiness. 


2 thoughts on “Fire food

  1. muditaandmore says:

    Thoughtfulness is so powerful! We spend so much time thinking about others and being thoughtful ourselves; and it’s often those who are close to us that can make or break our feelings of being admired, noticed, appreciated, etc. It’s amazing what a small kind gesture can do! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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