That’s who I used to be

I stopped at Planet Organic tonight to get a few items – giant jug of maple syrup among them. 

At the till the man asked for my name, but when I gave it to him it didn’t bring up my customer number. I fished out the card, he turned the screen as he swiped so we could see what name came up. 

When I saw the name I said oh that’s who I used to be. He laughed and asked if I wanted him to change it (I did). Then he said that’s who I used to be – I like that. I wish I could change myself sometimes too. 

And I told him it’s possible to change yourself without needing a name change. You just have to do it. 

Then he told me how to make candied nuts with the ton of maple syrup I had bought. He said I could add nut lady onto my list of changed names. 

I like it. Weird conversations that make me laugh. It’s happiness. 


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