Love is the best way

The boy forced me out of bed this morning and made be go to church because, as he put it,  I needed some Godding in my life. I really didn’t want to go, but I sucked it up to make him happy (seriously, what teenager forces their parent to go to church?)

I’m glad I went, even though I sat in the back row and cried the whole time. I thought 2015 was the year I cried in public – turns out it was merely the year I learned how to cry in public. The topic of the sermon was love is the best way and I needed that reminder. When fear is so tempting a road to take, love is still and always will be the best way. I need to remember that when I’m tired, lonely, scared, angry – love is still the best way.

We watched the Super Bowl tonight. Even though the Patriots lost and the boy is crying it was still a fun game. He loves that team and it brings back for all of us the good memories of living in New England, and there were quite a few of them. We had some good times and good friends there. Sitting between my monsters as they yelled at the TV was a moment of great happiness for me.


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