One more day of assessments

I’m in the final stretch of the current class I’m taking – psychological assessments and it’s been a brutal class. I have, however been very fortunate and I’ve had an absolutely excellent professor which has made a world of difference in my attitude towards the class.

For me, it’s been brutal because of some self discovery. We had to to 2 psychological assessments on ourselves, and while I don’t argue the results, it was a bit unnerving to see all my shit laid out like it was. They stressed over and over in this class how we are to always read and thoroughly understand an assessment before delivering the results to the client and I now completely understand and support that belief.

Beyond that, it’s helped me change how I will interact in relationships moving ahead as I finally have understood my attraction to bad boys (who really are just assholes) and won’t be heading down that path ever again.

Right now though, it’s just got me tired as I sit at my computer writing my last paper (that’s due tomorrow).

On the page where we write our daily questions, I noticed that our prof left us the kindest and most encouraging message. He not only mentioned how blessed he felt to have us as students over the last 5 weeks, but said that he would love to provide references and is a practicum teacher. He wished us luck and told us that we all ROCK.

It may not sound like a lot, but this prof made this class seem much more personal than many online classes are. It’s challenging sometimes when we are all behind our keyboards at home to find support and feel like we are really part of something, and he managed to create a feeling of togetherness and support. I will miss him, but I’ll be keeping my eye out for him as a practicum teacher! I am very grateful for this experience, even with the tears and swearing that accompany it.


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