A Day in the Life at the JR Red Cross Hospital (FGK-31)

This letter was written by four of mom’s friends in Ward 13 at the Jr. Red Cross Hospital. Mom must have been home for a visit – by this time she’d have been in the hospital for a little over a year. This letter makes me both happy and sad. I’m happy that these kids seemed to have a genuine friendship with each other which must have helped immensely, I’m sad because there were so many children in that hospital isolated from their friends and family.

I appreciate this letter immensely because I feel like it provides me with better insight as to what mom’s daily life was like in those years. As I’ve been studying for my Masters in Counselling Psychology the last year and a half or so, I have a much better understanding of the effects of trauma and it must have been incredibly difficult for these children, as well as their families. The constant outpouring of love Mom received from her family and community surely must have helped balance out some of the trauma, but with no psychological help available it was a lot to overcome.

My mom’s inner strength and will to live continues to amaze and impress me. The same goes for these other children.

Jr. RC Hospital

Nov 18,/52

Dear Margie

We promised we’d write to you so here goes. There hasn’t been anything very exciting happening around here to tell you the truth.

I got my packs discontinued at night a week ago (about time eh!) at eleven and from tonight on I get them off at nine. I have also been walking at the tank of course. Miss Mason says I’m still to weak to walk all the time. Boy it sure felt good to have your feet on the floor once again.

How are you getting along? Fine I sure hope, we sure miss you here but I’ll bet you’re having a good time at home. We sure get into trouble, the other day we just couldn’t wake up in the morning and Mrs. Hope came in and said if we couldn’t wake up for our breakfast we couldn’t have a nurse in the wards, baths, or anything so we all stayed wake this morning.

The boys have sure been bad lately, they were throwing hard boiled eggs around last night. Alfred broke the Polio power jar, by throwing it at the wall. They are sure good to us, they send us candy quite often etc.

Clifford got his packs discontinued, it shouldn’t be too long before he can go home.

Laurie also got her shoulder pack off.

Gwen has a new Physio now, Miss Olson. Mis Evoy is finished. Gwen said to tell you she sure likes it by the window.

Rose goes to the schoolroom in the wheelchair now, she’s sure proud of herself. She and Dale fight over the wheelchair.

Mrs. Smith the night nurse is sick with Polio. Poor old Mrs Boyce was on along for three nights. (Boo!hoo!)

Remember Miss Fairly, we had her bring us milkshakes on Sunday, were they ever good.

They showed us a picture last night about the Post Office, concerning the guides, Scouts etc.

Miss Durand just came in to say “good-bye” – she’s leaving to get married on Sat.

Gerald Nickle went home since you left.

Dorthy Fawkes is getting along real well, she’s out of the respiration for good. Gwen thinks she may be coming over here, she’s not sure.

We are all looking forward to Christmas, seeing we are going to spend it in here. Do you think you will be home for Christmas?

We sure have a lot of fun but Mrs. Baker is sure getting strict.

We have a promise for this ward, ‘Be Prepared For Anything” How true, eh?

Gwen said to say that Mrs Boyce is still as noisy as ever.

Mrs Baker, Mrs Haworth, Mrs Moulton, and Miss Steiner are all on 3-1/right now.

Right now Rose is in the boys room as usual, talking to Willard and Alfred.

The blind fell down again, only this time it fell on me, my leg is sure sore today.

Well, I guess we’d better close for now as it is about time to go to bed, and we want to send this with Mrs Moulton.

Love and Best Wishes

Marguerite Robinson

Rose Lamothe

Gwen Fawkes

Laurie Snyder

PS (with an arrow drawn upon to Rose being in the boy’s ward) Don’t believe her Marg. Rose


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