Coronation, creek crossings, and branding (FGK-30)

Mrs. Barkley is quickly becoming one of my favourite writers. I really wish I’d known her, and not just because of her wonderful handwriting (she and Lawrence have among the prettiest and easiest to read). She tells stories so well, and just sounds like she’d be a really nice person to be around.

I have questions about this letter, and a few thoughts. First off, I never really considered the fact that mom was in there without TV. I mean, it makes sense, and it explains why she knew the number of dots on the tiles of her ceiling. How did my uncle get out of exams? This is a trick I would have liked to have known. Why did she take off (and from where) and leave Grandma and Winnie behind? And I want to hear more about the creek crossing episodes. I hope for her family she wrote some of her history- like I said, I love reading her stories.

30 days of letters and I’m not even 1/4 of the way through the letters. I am loving every minute of this, the best part of my day is reaching my hand in the bin and seeing what letter I’ll pull out for the day. I’m so thankful these letters found their way to me.

June 22, 1953

Dear Margie,

Now, I’m not really so optimistic as I was the first of the month. Quite resigned to the fact, it can rain anytime! Not happy about it and the cold air isn’t a bit funny.

Did you listen to all of the Coronation on the radio? Certainly a number of solemn oaths for one individual to make, don’t you think? I wonder if she maybe felt a little depressed? It must have been an unforgettable sight to see. It will be wonderful when you can have television in there. I really think one would be wise to wait now until they sell the coloured sets.

We hope to go to Percy Copithorne’s tomorrow to brand. I suppose that makes you feel like birking the blankets from here to there. Bernard was telling us when they were riding the wagon across the creek today the riders were up close and of course the horses were splashing water on them so Louis picked up a pail off the wagon, reached down and filled it with water and threw it back on the riders.

She writes birking, and that’s not a word – it’s running at the edges of my brain, but won’t let me access it. Probably what happened to her too lol. Anyway, the meaning is clear. Mom would have wanted to be home branding instead of in the hospital.

Up at Bragg Creek, Bruce’s (?) horse fell in the creek so he got properly soaked, Clarence C’s horse fell but Clarence missed getting wet.

The bridge from Midnapore is to be moved this winter to the Elbow up south of Barnes or thereabouts so if this Monsoon season is not on again next year we’ll be having a picnic. We done that one other year and it happened to be a lovely day. Irene and Kay were along that time. I suppose your Mother told you I just drove off without her and Winnie last Thursday.

Are you doing school work yet? Do you find your school work any easier since you have done so much reading?

Wasn’t Marshall a smart one to get home without writing exams?

I hear my men coming in so guess they have the tractor all bedded down for the nite.

Best Wishes

the Barkleys


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