Christmas Party Drama (FGK-29)

I recall hearing stories from community members of Mom’s generation about what a big deal their Christmas Concert was. If I remember correctly, there was a lot of excitement a couple of weeks before they were set to put it on as they all got to go to the Hall to practice instead of having to do school work. As a child, I loved having to go and “preform for my present” at the Hall Christmas party (especially the year I played Mary and just had to sit there rocking the baby Jesus while my cousins had to sing and do all the work), and it’s been revived in recent years by the Hall board (which I am fortunate enough to be on, but take no responsibility for being the brain child of) as a potluck and Christmas Carol party with Santa as the Grande Finale.

Box 58

Cochrane, Alberta

Nov 14, 1953

Dear Margie,

Well, I suppose it’s about time I returned your letter! Gosh I just don’t get around to writing letters!

I have quite a bit of news that won’t make you overjoyed. The usual Jumping Pound Christmas Show will be a thing of the past. A little school party will take its place. Darn! That’s where we really miss you, Margie. The main reason is that there aren’t enough large pupils to carry on a real show. A thing we have always done in yesteryear. However I believe that one big reason is that Mr. O’Brien is tired of putting on such a big show. He claims that he will do all in his power for a concert if people want it, but I notice he has tried with success to kill the spirit. I guess it’s best though because if we put on a poor job this year from lack of talent it would sure wreck our reputation.

How is your school work? I’m finding that I’ve really got my hands full. I have finished my first unit in Science and am finishing up my Social unit now but I am badly behind in Math and I am on about page 110. I’m behind in that too!

We have some baby kittens at our place. They arrived a few weeks ago. Dave and Mary say that they are big enough to purr. However I have not heard them.

Gee! It’s about winter isn’t it? There isn’t any snow or ice around here yet. I guess it won’t be long before there is though and it will be time for toboggans and skates.

I’m running a little low on news. Reckon I’ll have to go.

Wishin’ you health and wealth



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