Closed because of Polio (FGK-48)

I don’t remember being told about places being closed regularly due to polio outbreaks, but it does seem as though this was happening during these years. This letter, and a few of the others written from mom’s hospital friends make me think that she was one of the last ones left on the ward from their original group. It must have been so hard on both sides, leaving your friends knowing they were still ill, and watching your healthy friends be able to go home. Especially because it seems as though no mental health assistance was available at the time. I think it was because these years were so incredibly traumatic that this entire experience was a taboo subject in our home. The more I learn about it, the more I understand that. Having spent a great deal of time learning about the lasting effects of trauma, it impresses me how well mom was able to function.

Also, imagine being able to buy a swimsuit or blouse for a dollar!!!

1814-31 Ave SW

Calgary, Alberta

August 22, 1953

Dear Margie

Yes, I’m finally getting straightened around enough so that I can write a letter.

I have been intending to write you for quite a while now but have been terribly busy.

I was at the farm for three weeks and sure enjoyed myself. We did quite a lot of canning, washing, ironing, chasing the kids, and visiting and going to drive-ins. I was really kept busy.

Last Friday (a week ago yesterday) was my birthday. I got several gifts. Mom and Dad gave me a flash camera and films and bulbs for it. They also gave me a blue nylon cardigan. I received other gifts ranging from nylon ankle socks to a wallet.

I have not seen any of the kids lately but have talked to Rose, Isabel, and Laurie on the phone.

Did Lillian leave my ?Accitec? with you? Isabel said they left “Not my will” there with so I will be up to get it in the near future (this doesn’t make sense, but it’s what it says).

I phoned Dr Richardson yesterday and asked him if I could apply for a job for Saturdays. He said to apply and let him know what I got he would then tell me if I could have it or not.

I went downtown this morning to look at some bathing suits which were on sale for a dollar. I didn’t like them so I bought a blouse for a dollar. It was regularly priced at $4.95 so I got quite a bargain.

How are you getting along? I sure hope you are making a fairly rapid recovery and will soon be out of there. When you get out we’ll have to hold a reunion of all the kids.

I guess I won’t be up for a while. The radio just said out patient was closed because of polio so I doubt if I will be allowed in. Will you please ask Miss Ried or Miss Baxter and let me know.

Well I’d better go

Bye for now, Margie and please write soon




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