Summer Lovin’

Summer in Alberta is my absolute favourite place to be. I consider myself fortunate that this is actually our second (almost) full summer in a row that we have been home, as the kids and I were back for most of the summer last year as well. 

Today was beautiful and sunny and warm and a weekend  so we were able to take advantage of it. This meant a dash to enjoy the last time in the creek for the year. Well, the kids went in – too cold for me. 

When I think about things that make my soul dance with joy it is days like this. 

The drive down to the creek.    
Is this what the dog days of summer are all about?

The drive home 

Tonight as we were sitting and visiting I was thinking how nice it was to be surrounded by people who were genuinely happy. They were relaxed and happy in the moment for sure, but they also all had an inner glow (what in Ayurveda we would call ojas). 

Spending time with people who are happy is a sure fire way to increase my own happiness. Like increases like. It made me want to be with more happy people and spread more joy and feelings of contentment. 

What a great way to end off the summer season. My happiness moment. 


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