Little kindness

We spent the afternoon down at the creek. This is one of my all time favourite things to do. I wait all year until it’s once again creek season – which here can last a week or two months depending on how Mother Nature is feeling. 

I consider it such a blessing that my kids are able to spend part of their childhood living this life of freedom and family. They are thriving while learning what it means to be part of this family and part of this community. 

On our way back home we passed our neighbour and the kind soul who lets us swim at his spot on the creek. We were driving up to the gate and he dropped what he was doing and ran over to get the gate for us so we didn’t have to get out. 

These simple acts of kindness are so fantastic. Think how great our world would be if we all went a little out of our way to be extra kind to our neighbours. He did it with a smile and made us all feel so happy to have encountered him. It made me realize I want to focus more on bringing smiles to those around me. I am in a pretty happy place right now – why not share that bliss? A happiness moment that can be shared. 

We drove through an amazing rainbow this afternoon leaving Cochrane. A powerful reminder of God’s promise to us. 


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