And the thunder rolls. 

Last night was crazy with storms brewing both inside and outside the house. It was the second night in a row that  the storms have kept me up and it’s left me rather a disaster. Some of you know of the inside storm and to that let me say – if you know me and you have my number please be wise enough to know not to text me in the middle of the night unless you are dying. Seriously. 

Anyway. Onto today. 

We were at my cousin’s house for supper when gigantic balls of ice started falling from the sky. Hail the size of ping pong balls. 

We decided my mom’s car needed to be saved from the hail and I ran outside to move it. So, while I’m on one side of the house being attacked by giant ice balls, the family is looking out the window the other way at this: (the white things are hail)

When I came back inside bruised and battered and learned of this I said it’s like God is over there showing the whole world His promise and how much He loves them. Meanwhile He is beating the hell out of me behind the house. Kind of like how my last year has gone. We all found that hysterical and laughed and laughed. Then my cousin said there’s a bible quote for me to go with that and said:

And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. Romans 5:4

So we talked about that for a while. How hope and faith are so defining. I love our family discussions. They always include religion, politics, beef, what’s for dessert, and at least one weird random thing. I am grateful for this awesome tribe that brings me happiness moments on a regular basis. 


Little kindness

We spent the afternoon down at the creek. This is one of my all time favourite things to do. I wait all year until it’s once again creek season – which here can last a week or two months depending on how Mother Nature is feeling. 

I consider it such a blessing that my kids are able to spend part of their childhood living this life of freedom and family. They are thriving while learning what it means to be part of this family and part of this community. 

On our way back home we passed our neighbour and the kind soul who lets us swim at his spot on the creek. We were driving up to the gate and he dropped what he was doing and ran over to get the gate for us so we didn’t have to get out. 

These simple acts of kindness are so fantastic. Think how great our world would be if we all went a little out of our way to be extra kind to our neighbours. He did it with a smile and made us all feel so happy to have encountered him. It made me realize I want to focus more on bringing smiles to those around me. I am in a pretty happy place right now – why not share that bliss? A happiness moment that can be shared. 

We drove through an amazing rainbow this afternoon leaving Cochrane. A powerful reminder of God’s promise to us. 


Coming home 

 It is so important to have somewhere you can come home to. Whether that is a physical location or a state of mind- we all need that safe place where we can relax and be ourselves and be loved. 

Tonight we celebrated the coming home of more family who are living away – who have  a home away from home, and yet always know that there is the safety and security of this original home. It was so good for my soul to have this little celebration and visit with cousins I haven’t seen in too long – to see a little who was a babe the last time I saw him and now is an amazing kid with the cute high pitched helium like voice. 

I was talking with a cousin tonight about what we would do if we won the lottery. We both agreed that the security would be a huge load off our minds – to know we are cared for and can provide for our loved ones – but that there wasn’t much in the day to day that we would change. We both smiled at each other and said I love my life. There isn’t much that I need to change in it. What a brilliant happiness moment inside a larger happiness moment. The realization that we are living happy lives. 


Because we live in the most beautiful place. A lucky rainbow shone on us for a really long time. It kept changing and shifting, but it was celebrating right along with us (thanks Dad).