The Breakfast Club

We enjoyed a rainy evening curled up together in front of the tv watching The Breakfast Club. It was about the 489th time I’ve watched it and the first time for both kids. They were a little disappointed it turned out to not be about food, but they enjoyed it anyway. 

I was reminded of why it is that I was always attracted to the bad boys. John Bender always makes it look so desirable – there is that heart of gold underneath all the protective armour. In reality they’re usually just assholes. Horses did the same thing for me. The bigger the buck and the more attitude they had the worse I wanted them. That also does not translate well into human men. Thank goodness I finally understand that concept and now am attracted to kindness. Finally

These last few days of slowing things down and really enjoying the wonderful moments I’m being blessed with right now make me so grateful and so happy. 


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