Alvin and the Chipmunks

The past few weekends seem like they have been busy, stressful, and hectic. Having a quiet day today was so welcome. It was rainy and kind of gross out which made it the perfect day to clean the house, watch movies, read, and nap.

I’ve become a lot more aware lately of where my energy is being directed, to whom I’m giving it, and how I want to use it. It’s amazing how letting go of things and people that drain me has opened doors to allow some pretty cool things to start to come in. That letting go that I struggle with so much – it has it’s benefits for sure!

Having the quiet time to meditate, study my Ayurveda, love on my kids has put my balance back where it belongs – grounded and centered.

Laughing tonight with my Jenna while we watched an Alvin and the Chipmunks movie and ate popcorn was a fantastic happiness moment.


The Breakfast Club

We enjoyed a rainy evening curled up together in front of the tv watching The Breakfast Club. It was about the 489th time I’ve watched it and the first time for both kids. They were a little disappointed it turned out to not be about food, but they enjoyed it anyway. 

I was reminded of why it is that I was always attracted to the bad boys. John Bender always makes it look so desirable – there is that heart of gold underneath all the protective armour. In reality they’re usually just assholes. Horses did the same thing for me. The bigger the buck and the more attitude they had the worse I wanted them. That also does not translate well into human men. Thank goodness I finally understand that concept and now am attracted to kindness. Finally

These last few days of slowing things down and really enjoying the wonderful moments I’m being blessed with right now make me so grateful and so happy. 


Secret life of pets 

I had a girl night with my girl this evening. I spend a lot of time with my kids but the one on one time is a bit more rare, so those moments are extra precious. 

We went shoe shopping for her (holy cow, she grows and grows) and then went and saw The Secret Life Of Pets. It was cute, silly, and fun. Exactly what we needed on a rainy night. 

There’s so much that goes on inside that little girl and I feel so blessed for evenings like this when we have the time and can really focus on her and her life. I feel honored that she shares so freely with me. 

Solo time with my girl, my happiness moment. 

A bonus happiness moment was an hour of tea and chatting with him this afternoon. I count my blessings that I have someone in my life who I can talk to so easily and feel so content with. 


Happiness all around 

Coming home with joy in my soul after spending the evening last night with some of my favorite people, we all started the day off with a lot more peace.

This morning Jenna headed off to a much anticipated sleepover at a friend’s house. She’s got a good bunch of girlfriends at this school and it thrills me to see them starting to do things outside of school together.

I headed to town and made an attempt at having a personal life and went out on a date. A lovely afternoon spent with someone kind, smart, funny, and cute (with a. charming accent to boot).

Now Jacob and I are sitting at the movies waiting to see a show together. Thank goodness for those Scene points – we have enjoyed a lot of free shows because of my card.

How lovely to have a day filled with more happy moments than sad. Naturally there are always things that come up, and Jacob was upset this morning, but he’s developed a strong sense of himself. I love the young man he’s turned into and am so grateful to have him in my life.

What you put out comes back to you and I’m glad to see the good stuff coming our way.


He chose me

Today was a pretty special day as far as days go. I mean it’s Friday so right away it’s a little bit better just because of that. But, what made it even more fantastic was the fact that my 14 year old asked me to go to a movie with him. Like, he had the option to go with friends and still wanted to go with me. He said we hardly ever get any time together that’s just us and he wanted to do something special. 

It was a great happiness moment sitting in the theatre belly laughing with my kid. As an added bonus, I used my Scene points and we got to go for free. Life is pretty good. 



The Force awakens 

Today’s happiness moment was easy. It was the moment I saw the look on the faces of my kid and my nephew as they ran out of the theatre after seeing the new Star Wars movie. 

These two have shared their love of these movies since they were in diapers. How wonderful that they now live close enough that they can share this again. 

As a quiet personal happiness moment I spent the time sitting in Starbucks at Indigo sipping tea and reading a book. Melissa bliss.